Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! TeachBeyond asked me to create a video to celebrate their teachers and teachers around the world.

TeachBeyond wanted to focus on the concept of a ripple effect. I worked with them to develop a dialogue between a young girl and her dad talking about how far the work of one teacher can spread. The script and concept lent itself very well to a simple, geometric style which I combined with hand drawn cel animation. This involved a lot of learning and experimentation on my part, and am pretty happy with the resulting feel and final product.

TeachBeyond helped edit and improve the script, and I provided storyboard, illustration, animation & editing.

Voices by:

https://www.fiverr.com/cainwyn (young girl)

https://www.fiverr.com/scottwaltonvo (father)

Feet Walk Frame
Face Cel Drawn Animation
Ripple Shapes Frame
Ripple Effect Shapes Frame