Synergy International Christian School is a brand new project in Barcelona, Spain that opened up in September 2015. I have the privilege of being on its team of devoted volunteers; I created their logo as the start of an ongoing branding project still in the works. Projects like these are some of my favorite to work on; a project just starting up that I really believe in and can enjoy endless creative possibilities with, building a brand from the ground up. 

SICS brochure
Synergy School Coffee mug logo branding

The core concept of this international Christian school is that they believe in working with children on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level: thus their tagline "Head, Heart & Hands". I integrated all three components in a way that showcases the interconnected relationship between all parts.

The materials I have designed so far for the school include their promo video, presentation brochure and Power Point template, as well as their website (built with Weebly).

Synergy School T-shirt Logo Branding