For the past few years one of my consistent jobs has been designing the graphics and motion graphics for Mike Zaagman (Zaagman Video Productions) and his video work for South Christian High School's football team.  There have been many projects during this time, mostly involving the graphics that would appear in the game and highlight videos. Sports is such a fun area to create for; the dynamic and intense nature of what I am working on obviously lends itself to motion graphics and makes for a lot of creative freedom and experimentation with special effects. 

To the right is an infographic template I created to reflect the team stats of a given game. Below is the same stats graphic in video form. The beauty of this motion graphics piece is that it is programmed to be a completely editable template; all the client has to do is enter the number of yards per play, for example, of a given game, and the graphics will be automatically updated accordingly. I loved creating this piece as it involved a good amount of interactivity.

One of my current projects is developing the video intro, stats graphics and effects for player highlight videos such as this one on the left.