For 6 months I filled in for Ramon Lull University's graphic designer, and had the opportunity to complete a wide variety of projects for them, the great majority being design, layout & preparation for print. Some of these projects utilized a layout previously done by another designer, others I was in charge of from concept to proofing for print. 

One of the largest documents I worked on was the University's annual report that they issue in Spanish, Catalan and English. The layout had already been done, so one of my tasks was to fit this years' text and images in the design. The part I was able to use my creativity for, however, was a re-design of the graphics that illustrated the school's important facts, statistics and numbers. These new infographics were well received and provided a fresh look to the report. 

I also created the cover for this publication, which was also used in website banners, newsletters, power point presentations, etc. Other products I developed during this time included invitations for events, conference posters, social media posts, etc.