Connecta Associació Cristiana is a Christian non-profit located in the Barcelona area in Spain. They did not have a logo, so I worked with them to create a symbol that reflected one of their core values: connection (between people, between the community, the local church, and God). The resulting logo is simple and clearly illustrates the central concept, alluding also less directly to the idea of communication (in the speech bubble shape) and christianity (the cross-shaped "T"). The association was happy with the logo and it is used on their social media pages, publications, and occasional merchandising product.

Logo Design for Connecta

One of the pieces I have done for Connecta, in addition to their branding, is "Pinceladas", a 4 page magazine type publication that features articles written from a Christian perspective on subjects such as parenting, psychology, spirituality, etc. They have been publishing Pinceladas for 10 years now, and requested a new design and layout for the ten year anniversary. I was happy to oblige and enjoyed the challenge of fitting a fairly lengthy amount of text into the 4 pages alotted.