What is an explainer video?

An explainer video, also known as motion graphics, promo video, or informational video, is a short animation, usually 60-90 seconds, that describes and markets a company, service, product, or program. Explainer videos most often rely on animated illustrations, moving graphics, icons and text, though they can also incorporate filmed footage and other techniques.

Why do I need an explainer video?

1. It is the modern day elevator speech

Think of your elevator speech, that 30 second pitch you have word-perfect and always ready to deliver enthusiastically. In today's world, the elevator is the internet and you need a speech that can function in that environment. An explainer video functions as your updated elevator speech, bringing your marketing approach up to speed and improving your company's image.  

Frame from an explainer video I recently created for a client.

2. A video gets your message across quickly and efficiently

People are less and less interested in reading long blocks of text and sifting through pages of information. According to StatisticBrain.com, our attention span is about 8 seconds - literally less than that of a goldfish. Additionally, the average internet user reads only 49% of even the shortest websites.

So how can you ensure you are keeping your target consumer's attention long enough to convey your entire message? The same study shows the average amount of time a user will view a video on the internet is 2.7 minutes, so a 60-90 second explainer video is a pretty safe bet, especially if you can grab your viewer's attention within the first 8 seconds. 

3. Don't just explain; engage!

A well produced explainer video doesn't just lay out the necessary information about your business or program; it tells it in a captivating way, using an engaging story line and fun images and/or characters that are easy to relate to. A good script and quality visuals will make your audience feel like they are being entertained and fascinated, instead of listening to a sales pitch.

4. Easily shareable 

The beauty of an explainer video is that it can be shared in a matter of seconds on virtually any digital marketing platform. Upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and you can instantly share it on your company's Facebook page, Twitter, or other social media networks. You can send the video or a link to it through e-mail, text and, maybe most importantly, on your website. 

5. Proven success

Not convinced? Let's look at some more numbers. According to reports by Forrester , there is a 200% to 300% increase in click-through rate when you include a video in a marketing e-mail. If you have a video on your website, the time a user spends viewing that page goes up 100%. 

Take a look around and watch some of the fun explainer videos out there, and consider whether you should look into getting one.