In a couple months my design business will officially be 1 year old. Starting Orca was one of the best decisions I've made, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving month, I made a list of things of design-related ways I have been blessed within the last year. It was not hard to reach 15.

1. The luxury and flexibility of working from home

2. The ability to make money doing what I love

3. The amazing creative community in Grand Rapids

4. Blank sketchbook pages

Blank sketchbook

5. The clients I have been privileged to work with

6. My husband's encouragement, honest opinions, and his sharing in both my disappointment and excitement

7. The excitement of starting a new project and being the creator of a new "face" for someone else's project

8. My secret pride in successfully designing with no Apple products (yes, really)

9. The still-present thrill of owning my own business

10. After Effects scripts

11. Everything I have learned so far and have yet to learn

12. Tony Savickas, the person who helped me start Orca and gave it a leg up

13. The fun of working all day with my favorite things: colors, shapes, fonts and keyframes

Color palettes

14. The amusement of seeing people's reactions to what I do, ranging from impressed to skeptical to very confused.

15. The helpful advice I've gotten from designers and non-designers alike


Design or not, what are you thankful for this year?