Last Friday I attended yet another fantastic Creative Mornings event. As always, breakfast and coffee was on point, but the star of the morning was Mayor Rosalyn Bliss, who came to talk to a room full of designers, marketers and artists about transparency (and creativity) in government. Timely subject. 

My main takeaway from the talk was... Wow we have a cool mayor! She was refreshingly honest and positive, and her vision for Grand Rapid's future and our role in it was so inspiring. Here are a couple notes I jotted down...

"We need more creative people in politics"

Contextually appropriate of course, but she definitely convinced me of the need for designers and creatives of all kinds to bring innovative solutions and better communication methods into local politics.

"When running for office, you have to be open and transparent"

A little ironic considering the current election cycle. Let's continue to pursue honesty and transparency in our own lives and our communities... who knows, maybe at some point it can become the new normal.

"We need to increase transparency at every level of government"

What fascinated me was how Mayor Bliss highlighted web design as a prime example; Grand Rapids' website has a severe lack of clarity and transparency, which can be completely turned around by good design. 

"When seeking to create change in racial disparity and other issues, first look in the mirror, then within your own organization, than outward"

No better note to end on. Thank you Mayor Bliss!